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Save the Bees PBL

For two weeks in January, our 4th graders were on a mission to find out three questions: #1. Why are bees important? #2. What are some things that are threatening bees? #3. How can Central Cass 4th graders help save the bees?
The 4th graders came up with many great ideas! They made posters to let others know that pesticides and other chemicals are killing the bees. They created PowerPoints to show off not only their computer skills but to also share with their classmates that planting flowers can help save the bees by giving them food. Some kids designed T-shirts to spread awareness for bees.
The kids were able to spend time in the high school with Mr. Forness and his construction trades class to make their own bee hotels! Comments overheard were: "Best Day Ever!" "Can girls be in shop class when we get older?" "We got to use POWER TOOLS!" Thanks, Mr. Forness and class, you were all fantastic!
We also went to the STEM center with Mrs. Forness where we learned about solitary bees, honeybees, and even how the queen bee becomes the queen bee. Students were given the opportunity to spin the honey out of the comb! Look at honeybees under the handheld microscope and trying fresh honey on crackers! Thank you, Mrs. Forness, for sharing your knowledge and passion for bees with us!
Several students also researched what kind of flowers that North Dakota bees like and planted the seeds in anticipation of spring. We are anxious for spring to plant them in our gardens.
The students did a lot of research, collaborated with each other, and found different ways to communicate their knowledge learned with others. Doing this PBL allowed students to solve problems and come up with a solution in a unique way.
The kids learned through their research that bees pollinate 1/3 of the food we eat. What is threatening the bee population and how Central Cass 4th graders help save the bees! Examples learned were to use honey in your cooking and baking, put out a small dish of water for bees to drink from, build a bee hotel, don't use pesticides, and plant some flowers.
We are positive that these 4th graders have made a difference and their ideas will save the bees here in Casselton!