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Dr. Craig Wilson of Texas A &M University visits Central Cass 5th Graders

Central Cass was visited by a special guest on Friday, Nov. 22.  Dr. Craig Wilson of Texas A &M University and the USDA lab came to teach about the importance of inquiry and good science as well as check up on our 5th graders' Corn Earworm projects.  Texas A&M sent the worms to the students in Jenna Akers and Jessica Burn's 5th-grade science classes so that they could raise them and determine what factors affect the growth and metamorphosis rate of this pest species.  The students have been using experimental design to create original insect research projects and collecting data each day.  Two groups will be allowed to present their research to USDA scientists on the NDSU campus as well as tour the research labs at the facility.  Dr. Wilson has taught science all over the world and was a fascinating and entertaining motivator for the students as he guided them through some exciting science activities in the STEM lab and critiqued their research posters.