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Shark Tank Season 2, Episode 1

It was an exciting day on Monday when the “Sharks” visited Mrs. Hoffman's Management classroom again. Two teams put together a presentation to convince the Sharks to invest in their new business venture. In return, each potential investor proposed his investment plan that consisted of becoming part owner in the business, paying a royalty fee, or paying back interest on the investment. It was up to each team to decide which investor they would do business with.

Team Squirrels is selling fuzzy socks with an embroidered stacked CC logo and that comes in 3 different colors. They are excited to be working with Bernie Sinner as he has taught them a plethora of knowledge on banking principles already. If you are interested in purchasing fuzzy socks, please send an email to

Team Central Cass is selling “Squirrel Fur” which is a 50” x 60” tailgate blanket with an embroidered squirrel logo. They chose Cory Oberlander’s offer and are excited for the opportunity to work with him to gain expertise on entrepreneurship. If you are interested in purchasing a blanket, please send an email to

Thank you to investors; Bernie Sinner, Tom Bresnahan, and Cory Oberlander for sharing your knowledge and presenting different investment scenarios to the students. Also, thank you to Lisa Metzger for bringing Junior Achievement into the classroom and Chad Bresnahan for your continued commitment to make this program a success.