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Peterson Farms Seed Donates 4 Drones to Central Cass High School

Peterson Farms Seed, headquartered near Prosper, ND recently donated 4 UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) or drones to the Central Cass High School Agriscience Department.   

The drones will be used by nearly 100 Central Cass students as they learn about the practical uses of drones in Agriculture.

Todd Weinmann, FFA Advisor and Ag Science Teacher with Central Cass says, “These drones will be an excellent addition for learning about drones that are actually used in agriculture versus the hobby drones students have been using previously.”

Students will get hands-on experience using the drones to do crop field scanning, GPS map creation using onboard cameras and livestock monitoring.

“We are happy to be able to support the next generation that’s learning about farming and agricultural sciences. This is just one small way we felt we could help support our local students,” says Nolan Berg, Precision Ag specialist at Peterson Farms Seed.

Nolan Berg, Precision Ag Specialist at Peterson Farms Seed and Michael Schutt, Peterson Farms Seed Prosper, presented the drones to Mr. Weinmann and some of his 3rd hour Foundations of Agriculture class.