Parent Information Grades K-5

  • In the pursuit of “Excellence,” we have made these adjustments to better our instruction and ensure that your child is leaving each grade level with the appropriate skills mastered.  The two areas that most parents will notice is the change to a trimester assessment period and the utilization of standards-based reporting for all elementary grade levels.  Midterms, report cards, and PowerSchool will look and feel a bit different from the past practices of traditional grading, but overall we believe our new practices will provide specific information about your child’s academics. 

    Below you will find the Academic Guide for your child's grade level.  This guide will better explain the commitment Central Cass elementary teachers are making toward your child’s academic growth this year. 

    As always, if you have questions my door is always open.

    Nikki Wixo
    Academic Dean
    Central Cass School District


    Kindergarten through Grade 5 Parent Guide
    * Please let us know if you are having trouble viewing the Parent Guides or need them in another format as we would be happy to assist you.