Welcome to Ms. Olson's Preschool Classroom!

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Phone: 701-347-5353 Ext: 2035


Degrees and Certifications:

Early Childhood Special Education Early Childhood Regular Education Intellectual Disabilities (K-12) Masters in Early Childhood Special Education.

Ms. Julienne Olson

My name is Julienne Olson and I teach Early Childhood Special Education.  I have been a teacher at Central Cass since 1995. I am always excited for a new school year and love being the first teacher for many students.  I have degrees in Early Childhood Regular Education, Early Childhood Special Education, Intellectual Disabilities (K-12), and a Master's Degree in Early Childhood Special Education. I am an advanced trainer with the Nurtured Heart Approach and working with our administration to train all staff in the approach.  I have a published book titled 200 Essential Preschool Activities for early educators and have a children's book called Patti Discovers Her Gift coming out soon.

I grew up in Fargo and still enjoy living there.  I don't even mind the drive to work each morning. In my spare time I love reading and cycling, and spend most Saturdays volunteering at a local animal shelter.  I decided to be a teacher when I was 10 years old and couldn't be happier to come to work each day and help children be successful.