Contact Us

  • If you would like to volunteer for any of these projects, contact us at:

    Generation Connecting
    PO Box 548
    Casselton, ND 58012

    or by calling:
    Sheila Krueger, 701-347-5942
    Rebecca Berge-Buss, 701-347-4597

Generations Connecting

Project of the Casselton Youth Task Force

  • Generations connecting is a grant funded project of the Casselton Youth Task Force, a grassroots effort.

    Proudly Sponsors . . .

    • Before School Games
    • Intergenerational Activities
    • Substance Abuse Prevention Efforts
    • The Asset Building Approach (by Search Institute, Mpls, MN)
    • Also partners many other community events


Generations Connecting Mission Statement

  • Generations Connecting strives to create a safe, healthy and hospitable environment to encourage and empower all people to accomplish their full potential through lifelong cooperation of all generations.