Task Force Members

  • Doris Idso
    Sheila Krueger

    Alexia Kieffer
    Christopher Utt
    Katie Lemar
    Sheila Christianson
    Mike Faught
    Allison Bergh
    Andrew Buchholz
    Stacy Link
    Kelly Everson
    Ashley Peterson
    Hailey Quittschreiber

    Supt. Morgan Forness


Contact Us

  • If you would like to volunteer for any of these projects, contact us at:

    Generation Connecting
    PO Box 548
    Casselton, ND 58012

    or by calling:
    Sheila Krueger, 701-347-5942
    Rebecca Berge-Buss, 701-347-4597

Generations Connecting

Project of the Casselton Youth Task Force

  • Generations connecting is a grant funded project of the Casselton Youth Task Force, a grassroots effort.

    Proudly Sponsors . . .

    • Before School Games
    • Intergenerational Activities
    • Substance Abuse Prevention Efforts
    • The Asset Building Approach (by Search Institute, Mpls, MN)
    • Also partners many other community events


Generations Connecting Mission Statement

  • Generations Connecting strives to create a safe, healthy and hospitable environment to encourage and empower all people to accomplish their full potential through lifelong cooperation of all generations.