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    The Central Cass Public School District is working closely with North Dakota Government Officials, the North Dakota Department of Health, and our local community health officials to respond to COVID-19. We are approaching this with an all “hands on deck” approach, and want to keep our community in the know. As the situation changes, we will continue collecting information and relaying it to our stakeholders.

    Current Central Cass COVID-19 Risk Level

    As the COVID-19 numbers continue to rise in North Dakota various counties have blue, green, and yellow risk levels. Schools throughout the region are also operating in a wide array of formats for both academic instruction and athletic events. We recognize this has caused some confusion in the community and we want to clarify a few things:

    • The state and county color code is assigned by the Governor in consultation with the ND Health Dept.
    • The state or county color does not distinguish the color of each school, although it may have an impact.
    • Each district works directly with its local or county health department to designate the school color. There are many variables to consider, most notably the occurrence rate of positive cases within the school itself.
    At this point, Central Cass School District remains in GREEN.
    Central Cass Risk Level

    We will continue to update this site with information so please check back regularly. 

    Thank you!