• "JMC Online Parent" is used for family and student lunch accounts. This allows parents of K - 12 students to view the amount of money in the account and a history of what has been purchased.

    The "JMC Online Parent" is used only for lunch accounts. Report cards, grades and lesson plans are found on PowerSchool.

    To activate lunch account access,
    request "Username" and "Password" by e-mailing: Angie Buhr at Angie.Buhr@k12.nd.us

    Once you login click the "Lunch" tab on the left side.

    NEW: The JMC Lunch Program now allows for parent notification of a low lunch balance, this can be set up by logging into your JMC account and selecting "Alert Configuration."  Then enter the dollar amount you want to be alerted at when your account reaches a certian level.  Parent e-mails can be entered under the “Parent Information” tab. 



  • e-Funds for Schools offers options for parents/guardians to make payments on-line and is user friendly. The e-Funds For Schools service is offered by a third-party service provider. The district does not request or keep records of family checking or credit card account information. For the e-Funds For Schools registration tutorial Click Here!

    Not only will you have the ability to have school fees and lunch payments electronically withdrawn from your checking account for a one-dollar convenience charge or charged to your credit card for a three dollar convenience charge, you also have the flexibility to make a payment at any time through the link below.  To learn more check out moble features see the Reference Guide Click Here!

    Note your student access number is your child's Student ID listed in PowerSchool.  Please Contact Angie Buhr at Angie.Buhr@k12.nd.us if you need assistance.