• New Students

    This link/page is ONLY for transferring students!

    Please follow the steps below for any new/transferring student or kindergarten students who did not go through screening in February.  Please NOTE: Student's entering kindergarten who went through Kindergarten Screening in February are already in our system and can register as a *Returning* Student.  Thanks!

    Special Education Preschool Students will register here as a NEW student!  Thanks!


    NOTE:  After each Step/Form you will get a "Success" screen on your computer, as shown below.  If you did not get this message for each step/form your information was not sent to us and you will need to try again.
    Success Page Sample

    Step 1. Storm Homes, Media Release, Technology - One form per family! 

    Please fill remaining forms out repeatedly for each child attending Central Cass.
    Step 2. Health Form 

    Step 3. Registration

    Step 4. Transferring Info

    Step 5. Lunch and Student Fees e-Funds is a convenient way to pay for your child's school fees with a credit card or through your checking account.  If you do not want to use e-Funds you can drop off a check at the District Office.  For more information on school fees and e-Funds visit our website: https://www.central-cass.k12.nd.us/schoolfees   Please skip this step for Special Education Preschool Students. Note: if you are using e-Funds, please click both tabs for school fees and lunch, before checking out!  Thank you!


    Thank you for registering and welcome to Central Cass!