Medication at School

  • All medication will be administered through the Nurseʼs office and/or Elementary office. Students may not possess, procure, purchase, or receive, or attempt to possess, procure, purchase, or receive, sell, deliver, give, or attempt to sell, deliver, or give any of the substances listed in this policy or what the student believes is any of the substances in this policy. A student will be determined to be “in possession” when the substance is on the studentʼs person, or in the studentʼs locker, or handbag, or when he/she owns it completely or partially.

    Prohibited substances under this policy include but are not limited to any prescription or nonprescription drug, medicine, vitamin, or other chemical including, but not limited to aspirin, other pain relievers, stimulants, diet pills, multiple or other type vitamins, pep pills, “no-doze” pills, cough medicines and syrups, cold medicines, laxatives, stomach or digestive remedies, depressants and sleeping pills not taken in accordance with the authorized use policy.

    Authorized Use Policy--The Nurseʼs office and/or Elementary office will assist in the dispensing of authorized medication only with the completion of the Authorized to Dispense Medication Form by a parent, legal guardian or physician. A Prescription and Authorization for Medication Administration Form can be obtained from the physician, school office, or from the school nurse.

    If this policy is not followed, disciplinary action may include confiscation, warning, parent conference, detention, suspension, and/or referral to the counseling department and legal authorities.

    Non-aspirin is available in the Nurseʼs office and/or Elementary office. It can be handed out to students only after permission is granted via the phone by the parent of the student or after permission is granted in writing by the parent.

    Prescription drugs and non-prescription drugs that can be given at home should be done so. If needed to be given at school, a written order from the doctor should accompany the medication. The medication to be given at school must be in the original container (no baggies) with proper information on label. Parents are responsible for the transporting of medication from home to school.

    The office will not allow any student to take medication home; it must be picked up in the office by the parent. Students with asthma, who need the use of inhalers, should have a self-administration form filled out by a doctor. This will be kept on file at the school.