Who Do I Contact?

  • As our approach to leadership changes, we realize that many of you have questions about who to contact for specific concerns with your child. Below are a few examples to help you navigate our new protocol, but if you are ever in doubt just give the school a call and we will point you in the right direction!

Question/Concern Classroom Teacher Ms. Pilon Mrs. Ziegelman Mr. Lemar Mrs. Narum Mrs. Wixo Mr. Forness
I have a question about a test my child just took. X
I do not understand why my child got a "C" on his midterm grade. X
I would like to register my 6th, 7th, or 8th grader for CCMS. 7, 8 X
My child is getting bullied in English class. X
My child was suspended from school yesterday, and I need more information. 6 7, 8 X
I would like to discuss the curriculum that CCHS uses for Social Studies class. X X X
I am having a problem getting in contact with my child's classroom instructor. X X
I would like my student to talk to an adult about issues our family is having at home. 6 7, 8
My child is getting bullied in the lunch line. 6 7, 8 X
I do not agree with a policy that CCHS has put in place. X X X X
I have talked to the teacher, but my child continues to be bullied in Spanish class. 6 7, 8 X
I need to request a teacher for my student. X
I would like information on district curriculum and test scores. X X