Central Cass Sick and Lice Policies

Central Cass Sick Policies


    *Keep children home when their temperature is over 100 degrees. Students may return to school after a 24-hour period of no fever (without the use of fever reducing medication).

    *Beware of yellow or green nasal discharge. If it is coupled with sneezing, coughing or both, your child should stay home.

    *Watch out for conjunctivitis also known as pink eye. Keep preschool-4th grade students home. They cannot be expected to keep their hands out of their eyes and avoid spreading the infection.

    *Keep children home for the first 24 hours if they are on antibiotics. If your child needs to take their antibiotic while in school, please have the pharmacist give you an extra bottle with the directions on it so that bottle can stay at the school for the duration they are on that medication.

    *Keep your child home if they have thrown up or has had diarrhea within the past 24 hours.



    If it is necessary to send a child home because of illness, the parents will be called. If both parents work or if there is no one at home during school hours, the principal and teachers should be notified and given the number of a relative or friend who will care for your child.

    If a student must stay indoors during recess or at noon (for an extended period of time lasting more than 2 days), a doctor's note must be given to the teacher/office stating the reason and length of time.


Central Cass Lice Policy


    This is not a problem that limits itself to unclean homes and children. The head louse is not choosy, it finds its way into the cleanest homes. In order to control its spread in school, the following steps will be taken.

    1. If signs of lice are discovered, the students will be sent home. If proper treatment has been administered the child may return with a note from the parent stating the treatment used. A recheck by the school nurse will be completed. If nits are found, the child will be sent home for additional treatment.

    2. If the parent believes the school is incorrect in its diagnosis, the student may return to school with a doctorʼs note stating no lice exist.

    3. Follow-up checks of students who tested positive will be conducted daily for the next 10 days after treatments.


    Visit http://www.headlice.org for more information