• Central Cass offers a number of ensemble for student participation.  These Ensemble include:

    Concert Band
    The Central Cass High School Concert Band is open to all CCHS students.  This group meets for 50 minutes each day and generally performs 3 concerts per year.  In addition to these concerts, the concert band competes in the Region II Instrumental Large Group and Small Group Festivals.  All members of the concert band are required to participate in Pep Band.

    Pep Band (Grades 7-12)
    The Pep Band is comprised of the members of the Central Cass High School Concert Band and the Central Cass 7-8 Band.  The Pep Band performs at designated home games and tournaments throughout the year.

    Jazz Ensemble

    The Central Cass High School Jazz Ensemble meets before school and is intended to give kids the experience of jazz music.  The Jazz Ensemble is open to grades 7-12.  Entrance into the jazz ensemble is based upon audition.  The Jazz Ensemble performs 2 concerts per year and one major competition.

    Small Ensembles

    Students at Central Cass are generally involved in many after school activities.  Because of the many and various conflicts, we must use class time to rehearse solos and small ensembles.  To provide an equitable setting, all students will be required to participate in either a solo or a small ensemble.  Participation in a solo or ensemble will serve as a major performance for the quarter.  Therefore, students who choose not to perform in a solo or small ensemble will be required to complete the requisite paper for missed performances as previously described.  In accordance with the North Dakota High School Activities Association, members of each group must be members of their school’s band program with respect to the type of group in which the student is participating.  

    Honor Bands

    Students have the opportunity and are encouraged to audition for state-wide honor groups.  Acceptance into these groups is an honor, representative of the work the student has done on an individual basis.  Participation in these groups provides the students with unique musical experiences and the opportunity to meet new people and make new friends. Registration fees will be covered by the music department.  However, should a student withdraw from the audition process after the registration fees have been submitted, the student will be required to reimburse the department the lost fees.  The Central Cass 

    Department of Music supports four festivals throughout the year:  The Ployhar Festival (open to grades 9-12), The Northwest Festival (open to grades 9-12), The UND Festival (open to grades 10-12), The North Dakota All-State Festival (open to grades 9-12) & The North Dakota Junior High All-State Band (open to grades 7-8).