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  • School Immunization Coverage Assessment

    North Dakota state law (23-07-17.1) requires that children be immunized prior to entry into school.  All advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) recommendations are required for school entry, with the exception of influenza and HPV vaccines.  The following table outlines North Dakota school immunization requirements.  

    Vaccine Chart


    All students must be fully compliant with immunization requirements for their age. A parent may sign an exemption form for the immunization based on religious, philosophical, or medical reasons. A physician must sign for medical exemptions. 

    Parents or guardians of each student enrolled to Central Cass School shall present a certification from a licensed physician or authorized representative of the local public health unit stating the student has received or is in the process of receiving required immunizations.

    All immunization records must be up to date by the end of the first quarter. Students who enroll during the year and do not have up to date immunization records must have the records within thirty calendar days of enrolling. Students who are not compliant will not be permitted to attend school until they become compliant or have a signed exemption form for religious, philosophical or medical reasons.

    In the case of a disease epidemic students who are not compliant or have an exemption form on file will not be able to attend school until there is no longer any danger of further spread of the disease in question.