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  • The Mystery of Hollow Places

    The Mystery of Hollow Places

    by Rebecca Podos Year Published: 216 F POD

    A mystery writer's daughter sets out to find her missing father and, along the way, begins to understand the loneliness that has gripped them both since her mother abandoned them years before.

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  • After the Game

    After the Game

    by Abbi Glines Year Published: 2017 F GLI

    After being away for two years, Riley Young returns to Lawton, Alabama, with her fifteen-month-old daughter to help take care of her grandmother who has Alzheimers, even though it means she has to face the lies that forced her to leave town in the first place and a blossoming friendship with the high school football star Brady Higgens, who is dealing with his own family problems.

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  •  This One Summer

    This One Summer

    by Mariko Tamaki Year Published: 2014 F TAM

    Graphic novel tells the poignant, sometimes painful story of Rose's transition into adolescence during an eventful summer vacation when she and her friend, Windy, are forced to face some dark truths about the adult world.

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