Model of Instruction

  • Teachers in grades 6-12 will utilize the following schedule for their 8-hours of work:

    • 8:00 -10:00 Planning and Staff Remote Collaboration Time
    • 10:00 – 1:00 All teachers will be available Remotely and available for immediate student interaction.
    • 1:00 - 4:00 Teacher planning, grading, live “recorded” instruction

    Guiding Parameters:

    • Teachers will communicate daily with students utilizing the Edmodo and Office 365 Platform.
    • Teachers will brainstorm ways students can access materials, including books (i.e., online offerings, book pick-up times, etc.).
    • Although online resources are nearly infinite, some of our families do not have access to these resources; please take this into consideration and prepare alternative learning activities for these students. 
    • The purpose of continuing instruction during the closure is to keep students engaged in learning the content at a steady pace, not to try and complete your normal coursework load prior to the end of the semester. Quality over Quantity.
    • Teachers will provide IEP/504 accommodations according to the IEP guidelines on mainstream classroom activities to students that require modified instruction.
    • Your pace will have to slow as students will not be expected to be online for the entire school day. Many will be responsible for younger siblings, sick, or even working to help carry the financial load of their family during this crisis.
    • Grades will be given – evidence of learning​
    • Visuals/Videos/Audio / Virtual Field Trips -Meet all learning styles​ and Hands-On Lab Needs
    • Track student progress and interaction – check in on kids that are not engaging online

    Central Cass School District will continue to follow our policies, practices, and grading structure during closure due to a pandemic/epidemic. We understand that mastery is the goal and quality of quantity is important.

    • Grades 6-12 utilizes a 4.0-grade scale based upon a four Quarter/two-semester year.

    Teachers will use the following for assessments

    • Distance learning quizzes/tests
    • Rubrics
    • Electronic/delivery of assignments
    • Online tools
    • Regular actionable feedback
    • Any combination of the above