FAQs - Extended Learning and COVID-19

  • Updated 3/28/20 1:00 PM

    How long is Central Cass school closed for Distance Learning?

    We will follow the direction of the Governor and remain close until deemed safe. 

    Are extracurricular practices and special events still taking place?
    No. All practices and events will be canceled and/or postponed during this time period.

    Is the school building open?
    The building is closed to the public.

    I am not getting emails/phone calls from the school. What should I do? 
    Please update your contact information using our Blackboard system, or email Nancy.Nelson@k12.nd.us to have your information updated in PowerSchool. All emails and phone call announcements will also be posted on our website and FB page so please bookmark both locations and check in often.

    What if I don’t have access to the internet?
    Please fill out the technology needs help form listed here: Technology Needs

    What if my child is sick for any reason during the Distance Learning period?
    If your child is sick and cannot do their assignments, please ensure that your child completes distance learning assignments when they are feeling better. Please let your child's teacher know and we will do our best to make accommodations as needed.

    What if my child’s teacher is sick during the Distance Learning period?
    Principals will work to ensure that Distance Learning continues for your child without interruption.

    What if I have questions for my child’s assignments?
    Please email your child’s school teacher. 

    What about standardized testing?
    All standardized testing in North Dakota has been canceled. 

    How will my child receive their assignments for the day?
    Elementary Teachers will post assignments on SeeSaw and Middle and High School Teachers will post on Edmodo.

    What if my child has an IEP, ILP, or has accommodations during the school day?
    Teachers of students with an IEP or ILP will be contacting families to review the plan for Distance Learning working alongside our Special Education Teachers.

    What if my child doesn’t understand how to complete some or all of the work?
    Teachers will be checking email periodically throughout the day and will be available to answer any questions. They may also be using other virtual tools to interact with students.

    When will Distance Learning assignments be due?
    Teachers will let you know when assignments are due.  If you have questions please reach out to them.

    How is attendance taken during Distance Learning?
    Completed student work turned will be used to determine attendance.

    What if my child has technical problems with district-issued devices or passwords?
    Mr. Ott our Technology Coordinator Paul.Ott@k12.nd.us will be available to help with any technical support. Mrs. Holland our Technology Integrationist Mistie.Holland@k12.nd.us will be available to assist with any online learning questions you may have.  NOTE: questions about homework or classwork, please contact the classroom teacher.

    What should I do with my child's library books?
    Please keep library books at your home until we open the school again to the public.

    Have a question about District Learning that isn’t answered here? Email our principals at  Nikki.Wixo@k12.nd.us, Lisa.Narum@k12.nd.us, or Lyndsy.Lynch@k12.nd.us