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Referendum Project ~Private/Public Fundraising~


Referendum Private & Public Donations

$1.0 million "matching gift” challenge

$2.0 million Casselton City sales tax 

$500,000 Parks & Rec

$100,000 Mrs. Addie Jane Sinner

$100,000 SCHEELS

$50,000 Friends of Fine Arts

$50,000 James and Kristen Williams

$33,000 Central Cass School Board Members

$30,000 Microsoft Employee Match Gift

$25,000 Anonymous Donations Total

$20,000 Hagen Dental

$10,000 Bob and Janice Miller

$10,000 Casselton Youth Basketball Association

$10,000 Links and Pifer’s Auction & Realty

$10,000 Grant from Alex Stern Foundation

$5,000 Proseed

Earl's Repair % amount per ticket for 5 years

Geronimo Energy ~ STEM Collaborative Learning Space Sponsorship

Mission Statement

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As our loyal sons go marching onward to VICTORY!

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Students First, Community Always, Excellence Forever

  • School Therapy Dog

    Special Education Teacher, Mrs. Amundson’s 2-year-old Australian Shepard, Koda who is a trained therapy dog certified through F-M Dog Obedience has started visiting primary education classrooms on Fridays. Koda is used as a school therapy dog for reluctant readers, calming for anxiety, and earned rewards. Mrs. Amundson also teaches students safety lessons on approaching a strange dog with each classroom she visits. Pictured is Mrs. Kapaun’s Kindergarteners getting a chance to meet Koda for the first time.

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  • Bird's Nest STEM Activity

    The first grade teachers and Ms. Killoran have been putting their students up to the challenge of protecting the young! The students have been learning how parents and their children - from humans to animals to plants - share common traits. But even though they share traits, the young still need their parents to survive! The students' challenge was to create a nest that would protect a baby bird and egg. Their nests had to hold together on their own on a branch while holding a toy bird and plastic egg. Pictured are Mrs. Hicks' first graders testing their nests.

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  • Volcano Activity

    It was a big adventure in Ms. Olson's early childhood room this week. Students mixed up their own dough and formed it around a tube to make a volcano. They added baking soda and vinegar and watched their volcanos erupt. Students used many of their senses as they mixed the dough, watched the volcano erupt, listened to the bubbles, and smelled the vinegar. Sensory and hands on play is an important way young children learn and explore.

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  • PaY Group Participates at Boardroom Presentation

    PaY advisor Mrs. Grommesh and Central Cass PaY students participated this week in Boardroom Presentations at NDSU. The vision of Philanthropy and Youth (PaY) is to develop the philanthropic spirit in high school students by cultivating passion and purpose through leadership skill development, and proactive community impact through grant making. Student-fed committees identify areas of focus, research community nonprofits and conduct site visits before deciding how to award their allotted grant money.

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  • "Book Tasting" in 8th Grade

    Mrs. Stansbery and Miss Nelson teamed up to put together a "Book Tasting" for the 8th grade ELA classes. The Book Tasting served two purposes. The was first to introduce, or give students a "taste," of different novel genres. Those genres included: Historical Fiction, Mystery, Autobiographies/Biographies, Realistic Fiction, Graphic Novels, Dystopian Novels, and Fantasy Novels. The second purpose of the Book Tasting was for students to pick a book to read for 4th Quarter AR.

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  • Housing and Living Environments Guest Speaker

    Mrs. Grommesh’s Housing and Living Environments class had a guest speaker this week to talk about Interior Design. Miss Weber will be graduating from NDSU this Spring and spoke to the students about how she uses a computer every day in her education and will continue in her future career of Interior Design. She also explained to the students the process behind the research designers do for each design project, the importance of being a team player when you work with a design team, clients and architects, how networking is essential for career planning, and how public speaking and presentation skills are vital in her schooling/career She showed the class sample design projects and will be returning next week to teach students how to use the program SKETCHUP 2017 to create floor plans in 3D. The Housing and Living Environment students will then do a design layout of their bedrooms as their project.

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  • Foods II

    Mrs. Grommesh's Foods II class is currently studying food from the US and Canada. Today students made funnel cakes from the Mid-Atlantic region. Each student was assigned to make their own funnel cake as their assignment.

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  • Four Central Cass Students Qualify for DECA Nationals

    Congratulations to the following Central Cass DECA students who qualified for the national tournament in Anaheim, CA – A. Jahnke in Accounting Applications, C. Merrigan & A. Volk in the Buying & Merchandising Team and T. Trautman in Thrive Academy.

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Top Squirrel News

  • iPads Purchased with Grant Dollars

    We are excited to share that Central Cass has been awarded $5,000 from the ND Educational Technology Council. The funding from this grant helped with the purchase of 24 iPads with cases. This will allow elementary classrooms, on a rotational basis to go 1:1 for whole group instruction and projects. Pictured are a couple of Mr. Maasjo's 2nd grade students with the new iPad cart.

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  • Construction Trades Class

    On any given day walking past the Constructions Trades class you will see a group of students busy working on a variety of projects from a framing a shed, adding finishing touches to a playhouse, making concrete tables, and even some welding creations. The students have also taken an active roll in the building of the new school store that will be opening soon. Instructor, Mr. B. Forness is keeping them very busy and the students are loving this new opportunity offered at Central Cass.

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  • CPR and AED Training

    The Casselton Ambulance team in association with ETA is spending the day at Central Cass to train all faculty and staff in adult, child and infant CPR and AED usage. Everyone took part in an online training earlier this week for the recertification process and will do in-person training today with the Ambulance team to make sure everyone in our building is certificated and prepared in case of an emergency. Thank you to the Rural Cass Ambulance Team for helping our faculty and staff with this process.

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  • Stem Center Renderings

    Architects, STEM Consultants, administration and teachers have been busy collaborating ideas on what our new STEM center will look like at Central Cass. The state of the art design will encompass Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math through fun, hands-on experiences where real learning occurs. Click the header for a link to look at a rendering of what our STEM center has the potential to look like. Note; furniture and details will change, but the walls and floor plan will likely stay the same with minor tweaking. To move the screen to look around, click and drag the screen. Pictured is Mr. Forness looking through 3D Binoculars at the rendering presented by Zerr Berg Architects. We have several sets of the binoculars in the main office if you want to see it for yourself in 3D.

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